Platformer AJAX was a prototype for a platform game that has yet to see full development. Paper design for the full game was done, and it may be returned to at some point, but until further notice this is the final form of the project codenamed Platformer AJAX.

The game features ledge grabbing, double jumping, gravity flipping, keys and doors, and simple enemies. Other features such as wall jumping were implemented into earlier versions of the prototype, but were removed from later variants due to design reasons. Currently contact with an enemy from the side or below will result in the game restarting.


-Arrow keys for movement

-'E' to interact with gravity control stands


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The game sounds good, but it needs some checkpoints. I liked the song, xD it's happy and calm, but the volume of the same its a little bit high in relation to the game volume...

srry for the grammar, english is not my first language (neither second or something like this, xD)